Land Management

What are the applicable fees for holding a Medium Scale Permit?
Holders of any of the two categories of medium scale permits are required to pay annual rental.  Mining Permit holders are required to post an environmental bond in the sum of $100,000 annually for each Permit.
What are the rental rates for medium scale permits?
For Mining Permits the rental rate is US$1.00 per acre per annum.  The rental rate for Prospecting Permits (Medium Scale) is as follows: For the first year, the rental is US$0.25 per acre.  Thereafter, an additional US$0.10 per acre for each successive year.
How can I know if an area is available?
By checking the stock map at the Land Management Section, GGMC  or at any mining station.
How can I acquire a map depicting mineral property status information?
Maps can be acquired for a fee from the Land Management Section, GGMC Headquarters.
Can prospecting or mining activities be conducted on Amerindian Titled Lands?
Mining and Prospecting activities at the small and medium scale levels can only be conducted on Amerindian titled lands with the written consent of the Village.  Thereafter, the necessary Permit to prospect or mine must be acquired from the GGMC.
Can mining operations be carried out on a Prospecting Permit?
No. Prospecting Permit holders are required to conduct prospecting operations (exploration) for the mineral in respect of which the prospecting permit is granted.