To provide efficient service to the Mining Sector through its team of professionals, semi professionals and support staff. These include such skilled personnel as Mining and Mineral Processing Engineers, Mining and Geological Technicians, Surveyors and Surveying Technicians. There are also Trained Mines Officers, Administrators, Statistical and Database Clerks within the Division.

The Division is headed by a manager, regulates the mining sector and provides other essential services in accordance with the Mining Act # 20 of 1989 and the Regulations.
The work of the Division is exe~uted by the following sections:

  • Technical
  • Inspectorate
  • Mineral Processing
  • Clerical


Regulates mainly the large and medium scale mining activities through technical inspection tours and also assist in the promotion oftechnical development of the mining sector.
This section is staffed by qualified professionals with BSc and MSc in Mining Engineering:
Mining and Geological Technicians: also qualified Surveyors and Surveying Technicians. In addition, the staff has a wealth of experience in the management of the sector.


Regulates the small scale mining operations and also executes other field related administrative functions and collection of revenue.
This section is supervised by the Chief Mines Officer and other staff include, one (1) Deputy Chief Mines Officer, Mining Technicians, Surveyors and Mines Officers.

Mineral Processing

This section undertakes research aimed at improving mineral recovery techniques of local miners.
The staff are trained at MSc level in Mineral Processing. There are also technicians in this Section.


The clerical section provides administrative services to the sector in many areas of their operation.
Information generated by the other sections are collected and stored by a system of manual and computerized database and also manual filing.
It is staffed by personnel having years of experience in information storage, retrieval and management.