The Geological Services Division undertakes geological fieldwork throughout Guyana to investigate the geology and mineral resources and compiles relevant geological reports. The various services and documents available at Geo-Services include: 1) Regional Geochemical Surveys performed throughout Guyana 2) Regional Geological Map of Guyana at the scale 1: 1,000,000 3) Mineral Occurrences Map of Guyana at the scale 1: 1,000,000 4) Analyses offered by the Chemical Laboratory of GGMC 5) Services offered by the Museum and Petrographic Laboratory such as lectures and training, distribution of rock samples to students of schools around Guyana, exhibitions of rocks, minerals and maps displays at GGMC Museum 6) Drilling services.A number of regional maps summarising the geology, mineral resource potential, geochemistry and licence status are available or will be available soon as paper prints, and/or on CD as GIS data and Adobe Acrobat pdf files. By clicking on each map a link will bring you to an explanatory note.


Details of recent reports are:

Projects Reports Completed available on CD's Projects Field Completed-Assays available Projects Field Completed Assays received but not available Projects Field and Sampling Completed Assays not Completed
Reports Not Completed Reports Not Completed Reports Not Completed
Barama Arisaru Aramatta Kaburi 2-Kaburi Gap 2
Demerara Headwaters Barama Roads Aruwai
Kartuni Barama Headwaters I and II Five Star
Kuribrong Demerara Bend Kopang
Kurupukari East Berbice Mara Mara North
Kuyuwini Issano Gap
Mabura Kaburi
Marudi North Kaburi Gap
Morabisi Kartuni
Morabisi North Lower Puruni
Pakaraima Mara Mara
Pashanamu Omai Gap
Upper Puruni Upper Potaro I and II
West Aurora