To build a solid foundation in environmental & OHS management in small, medium and large scale mining operations through awareness, knowledge, skills, good practice & legal compliance

The role of the Environmental Research and Development Department (ERDD) is the coordination, promotion and overseeing the implementation of efficient mineral processing and environmentally sound mining techniques across the entire spectrum of the mineral industry.  

  • To generate and develop environmental regulations, procedures, standards, and guidelines to promote sound environmental management in all phases of the mineral industry;
  • To develop and review environmental monitoring programs, management plans, emergency response and contingency plans and mine site rehabilitation programs;
  • To collect, compile and acquire relevant environmental data. To analyse such data and draw inferences and conclusions with respect to state of the art environmental management techniques.
  • To develop a non-confidential database with the mechanism for sharing this database with the Environmental Protection Agency;
  • To propose environmental strategies to facilitate the execution of national mineral development policies;
  • To make industry and the public knowledgeable about environmental concerns and matters affecting the mining industry;
  • To encourage public participation by public debates and discussions of environmental questions of regional, national and international significance and to keep environmental awareness on the front burner of the mining industry with respect to planning policies and both long and short term strategies;
  • To collect, compile and acquire relevant mineral processing data;
  • To analyse such data and draw inferences and conclusions with respect to state of the art mineral processing techniques;
  • To conduct Mineral Processing research in areas aimed at improving the efficiency and environmental management of the industry and to keep the public and industry informed of the results.