Some of the Largest Oil Fields (based on future recoverable reserves) are:

  • Ghawar, Saudi Arabia                                          75 billion bbl
  • Burgan, Kuwait                                                    66 billion bbl
  • Bolivar Coastal Fields, Venezuela                         30 billion bbl
  • Safaniya-Khafji, Saudi Arabia/Neutral Zone          25 billion bbl


One of the Largest Gas Fields

  • Urengoi, Western Siberia           285Tcf (dry gas)


Petroleum Production Rates

Varies from 1 bbl/day (stripper wells) to more than 10,000 bbl/day.  Many stripper wells (they are so called because they produce from 1 to at least 20 bbl/d) are found in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana, USA.      


Well Depths:

Well depths range from a few feet to 40,000 feet.  The deepest producing oil well is 22,000 feet in Southern Louisiana, and for the deepest producing gas well it is 26,500 feet in Oklahoma.  Most production is in the range of 2,000-10,000.