The figure shows the location of all Regional Geochemical Surveys performed by GGMC since 1999. A list of the project name of all the regional geochemical projects are given in the legend.

The Regional Geochemical Surveys Project Areas Map of Guyana at the scale 1: 1,000,000 includes regional geochemical sampling program of stream sediments, rocks samples and more rarely soil samples between 1999 and 2014. The regional geological and geochemical surveys (N=35) have covered a total area of approximately 35 throughout Guyana.  Sampling and analytical methods used are the same for each of these projects which are also combined in the construction of a geochemical Atlas of Guyana. 

Geochemical sampling techniques employed are those commonly used in wet tropical areas, with bulk -30 mesh stream sediments samples taken using a flocculent in the field. A -80 mesh fraction split of the samples is separated in the laboratory. All sample processing and analysis is currently being done by Actlabs in Canada. A 2 kg split of the – 30 mesh is analysed for Au, Ag, Cu, Pd and Pt using a cyanide leach method (BLEG). The -80 mesh split fraction is analysed for "Au plus 48 chemical elements" using INAA (Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis) and ICP-OES (Inductively Couple Plasma-Optical Emission Spectrometry).

Completed reports of the geology, geochemistry, and structure are available as paper copies and as CD's (price: single report GUY $25,000; double report GUY$50,000). For reports that are not yet completed, their geochemical data could be bought at the same price as completed report and when the final report is produced a copy of the full report and data are sent free of charge on a CD.