1. Support the exploration, documentation and extraction of our mineral resources but at the same time protect the rights, provide equal and fair access for all entities and ensure that the charges (fees, royalties, etc.) are fair.
  2. Promote safety programs through training, monitoring and enforcement to advance safety in the operation of the various mining systems.
  3. Promote environmental protection by assuring that all mineral production, storage/disposable of tailings and storage/delivery of products are conducted in such a way to minimize harmful effects on the environment and to preserve our mineral resources.
  4. Provide public access to information and services and we should strive to maximize the use of electronic programs/software by developing technological improvements, promote efficient programs that’s would allow us to provide more services to all stake holders and the general public. 
  5. To create an environment where we continue to recruit, develop, reward and retain our human resource for institutional continuity and growth.