The Guyana Geology and Mines Chemical Laboratory is a section of the Geological Services Division and comprise the following sub-sections:

  • Sample Preparation
  • Wet Chemistry
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
  • Fire Assay
  • Bullion Assay 

Analytical Services Provided by the GGMC Laboratory

  1. Sample Preparation of all Geological Materials – rocks, cores, soil, gravel, sediment, slag, concentrates, etc. Processes include the following: sort, dry, crush, split, pulverize, cone and quarter or roll, screening to desired mesh sizes, labeling and repackaging.
  2. Wet and Dry Sieve Analysis for Particle Size Determination of soils and gravels.
  3. Specific Gravity and Bulk Density Determinations of geological materials.
  4. Determination of Moisture Content of geological materials.
  5. Determination of organic carbon content of geological materials by the Loss on Ignition Method (L.O.I.)
  6. Determination of Major Oxide composition of geological materials by Hydrofluoric Acid attack ‘in the cold’.
  7. Geochemical Base Metal Analysis by Aqua Regia Digestion – A suite of eight metals is determined, viz. Silver, Copper, Cobalt, Chromium, Nickel, Lead, Manganese and Zinc.
  8. Precious metals analysis by the following methods:
    • Fire Assay/AA/Gravimetric (total gold).
    • Geochemical extraction with organic solvents.
    • Amalgamation and Parting (free gold)
  9. Determination of gold in Geological Materials by geochemical digestion and extraction with organic solvents.
  10. Forensic testing of raw gold by Fire Assay and Wet Chemical /Spectrometric Methods.
  11. Weight and Karat Determination of Gold / Silver Jewellery
  12. Bullion Assay of raw gold, alloys and jewellery.
  13. Purification of gold and silver from slags by Fire Assay.
  14. Environmental Testing of water samples for the following parameters: pH, Turbidity and Total Suspended Solids.


    The Laboratory is responsible for generating analytical data by means of Spectrometric, Gravimetric, Wet
    Chemical and physical methods in order to achieve the following goals in assisting the Mining Industry and
    other related Industries and Organisations in Guyana:
  • Complement Geological Mapping
  • Facilitate Mineral Deposit Evaluation and Beneficiations Studies
  • Facilitate the establishment of a Geochemical Data Base to elucidate the geology, mineral occurrences
    and mineralization characteristics of Guyana
  • Provide services in support of the local Gold Mining Industries
  • Provide services in support of the Jewellery Industries for both the local and export markets
  • Provide forensic service to the Guyana Police Force
  • Provide services to assist in Environmental Protection Programmes
  • Provide valuable information for Legislature and Regulatory Organisations

Terms and Conditions

All prices are in Guyana dollars and apply to routine analysis of most geological materials. Abnormal sample
types or non-routine analytical requests will attract a surcharge. The client will be advised of any such surcharge
prior to conducting the analytical work.
Payment must accompany the requests for analysis and must be done by cheque or direct cash payment to the
cashier in the Accounts Division of the Commission.
The Laboratory reserves the right to subcontract other recognized Laboratories.

Sample Packaging

All samples submitted must be clearly identified with sample numbers written with waterproof ink on the
sample bags or with waterproof or metallic tags in the sample bags. A list of all samples submitted must be
provided on submission of samples. Samples must be submitted in sealed plastic bags or other suitable airtight
and watertight non-metal containers. If glass bottles or plastic vials are used, these must be protected against
breakage and taped shut.
Poorly labeled or packaged samples or those having no submission sheets may not be processed until proper
written instructions are received from the client and may incur additional sorting charges.

Sample Storage

Samples will be retained by the laboratory for a period not exceeding 90 days from the date of final report.
Crusher rejects or oversized sieve rejects will be saved on request only and will be subject to a storage fee.
While the laboratory will take all reasonable care to protect samples during analysis and storage, the laboratory
will not assume any liability for loss or damage, however incurred.


All analyses, testing or investigations performed by the GGMC Laboratory shall be done in accordance with
recognized professional standards.
The GGMC Laboratory, its subcontractors, officers and employees shall not be held responsible for any loss or
damage resulting directly or indirectly from any default, negligence, error or omission. The liability, if any, of
the GGMC shall be limited to the cost of performing the analysis.

Turnaround Time

Most analytical data will usually be available within two (2) weeks of receipt of samples. If results of analysis
are required by a particular date, this must be clearly stated on the request form and every effort will be made to
meet the requirements. A surcharge will apply to rush conditions and must be discussed in advance with the
laboratory head. Abnormal volumes of samples, excessively wet samples, undocumented or disorganized
submissions will result in slow turnaround time and will attract a surcharge.